Saturday, 14 July 2012

[Girls Games] Artificial Girl 3

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Girls Games
Artificial Girl 3 + Expansion Hannari Pack - Mediafire game
Artificial Girl 3 (人工少女3 in Japanese) is an eroge (hentai game) created by Japanese H-game company, Illusion. The game was released on November 30, 2007 and it is the sequel to Artificial Girl 2.
The gameplay involves being a guy and living a life with one or many girls (whose various characteristics are set by the player).
AG3 runs on the concept of worlds. A world is simply an instance which provides the environment for the player to interact with the girls. The girls the player creates first have to be placed in a world before the player can interact with them. Multiple girls - up to a limit of 5 - can be entered simultaneously into a world, creating some interesting situations.
Girls Games
Girls Games
Girls Games
free download game mediafire
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Fix part 10
Fix part 23
Pass: gamemediafire.com
Download Patch English + Uncensored :
+ goto AG3 folder and copy everything in this folder,then paste to the game installation folder (C:\...\Artificial Girl 3)
+ 1 file [AG3+][all-in-one][translation+uncensor][v2.0].7z, dont extract it...and download Illusion Wizzard

Download Illusion Wizzard 0.4.6

Contig.Exe (install it)

+Extract  Illusion Wizzard,run Illusion Wizzard
Select AG3 then Start
Girls Games
Collission detection: settings: select "off/overwrite"
specify AG3 exe select JS3_Play.exe file in your installion game
Game selector: settings: check "kip game selector screen"
contig file deagmenter: settings check "contig to defrag the changed pp file(s)"
Girls Games
Now copy [AG3+][all-in-one][translation+uncensor][v2.0].7z  file and paste it into mods folder (...\Illusion_Wizzard_v046\AG3\mods)
Back to Illusion Wizzard program > Mods tab
Refresh > Apply mod
Girls Games

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